Duluth Fencing Club

When and Where

The Duluth Fencing Club meets every Sunday at the downtown Duluth YMCA from 1:45PM to 3:45PM. The Y is located at 302 West First Street, Duluth, Minnesota. Y members can come for free, and non-members can buy a day pass for $10 plus tax. It is held on the third floor, inside the track. New fencers can start attending the first Sunday of any month, and can then continue coming every week. More experienced fencers can start coming any week.

What to Bring

You will want to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. In particular, you’ll want pants that don’t restrict your motion much. Also bring clean shoes that you can wear in the gym. Some spare equipment is available, subject to availability and sizing, so you can try it before having to buy your own.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, you can email me at web3@selg.hethrael.org.

Buying Equipment

If you want to buy a full set of new equipment, buy a starter set. It’s usually cheaper than buying everything new individually. If you do this, buy a non-electric set (sometime’s it’s known as a standard, practice, or beginner set). You will want a foil set, not a saber or epee set.

Foils come in different sizes for different ages. All the foils we currently have are size #5, the adult size. Fencing.Net recommends blade sizes #0 and #2 for children under 10 and size #4 for children from 10 to 13.

You will want a foil with a french grip. Starter sets generally come with a french grip unless you ask otherwise.

When buying a jacket, one thing to note is whether the zipper is in the front or back. Back-zip jackets are cheaper but require assistance to zip. Front-zip jackets are more convenient when putting them on and taking them off. I recommend choosing a front-zip jacket as an upgrade if the base kit comes with a back-zip jacket.

If you are buying left-handed equipment, make sure that the foil, glove, and jacket are all left-handed. (Some jackets are ambidextrous, but some are not.)

I have mostly ordered from American Fencers Supply and Triplette Competition Arms. Their starter sets are more expensive than other companies I looked at, starting from $151 or $137, but I have had good experiences with them. (The prices are from a while ago, so they might not be current, but it should give you an idea of costs.) I know people who have ordered from Blue Gauntlet; their starter sets are $92. A couple other companies are Absolute Fencing Gear ($93) and Blade Fencing Equipment ($90).

You can also buy used fencing equipment, for example on Ebay. Again, you’ll want a non-electric (or practice) foil with a french grip, size #5. The other equipment is a jacket, a mask, and a glove.