i took these pictures when i went to california. some of the pictures were cool, so here're the best ones. i had camera problems and the film was exposed to light, unfortunately.

a stop sign
this is a californian stop sign. it looks similar to most minnesotan stop signs. however, californians seem to be a bit lax on obeying them.

power lines
these are californian power lines in the middle of nowhere. i can't imagine why the middle of nowhere would need so many power lines, but there seem to be a lot of them.

here are some beautiful californian hills. i also got a few of the aformentioned power lines in the picture.

yellow lines
mmm... i love the yellow lines down the middle of the road.

we were driving kinda fast when i took this picture. i think this was taken on the same road as the yellow lines above.

the ocean
this is a very cool panorama of the ocean. the colors didn't scan very well, though.

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