xmonad-contrib-0.7: Third party extensions for xmonadContentsIndex

Very handy hotkey-launched floating terminal window.

A tool like detach (http://detach.sourceforge.net) turns it into a launchpad for X apps.

By default, your xmonad terminal is used, and mod+s is the hotkey. The default ManageHook uses a centered, half-screen-wide, quarter-screen-tall window. The key, position and size are configurable.

The terminal application must support the -title argument. Known supported terminals: rxvt, rxvt-unicode, xterm. Most others are likely to follow the lead set by xterm.

Add the following to your xmonad.hs keybindings to use the default mod+s:

 scratchpadSpawnDefault conf

Or specify your own key binding, with the action:

 scratchpadSpawnAction conf

And add one of the scratchpadManageHook*s to your ManageHook list. The default rectangle is half the screen wide and a quarter of the screen tall, centered.

scratchpadSpawnDefault :: XConfig l -> ((KeyMask, KeySym), X ())
scratchpadSpawnAction :: XConfig l -> X ()
scratchpadManageHookDefault :: ManageHook
scratchpadManageHook :: RationalRect -> ManageHook
:: XConfig lThe configuration, to retrieve terminal and modMask
-> ((KeyMask, KeySym), X ())
Complete key binding. Pops up the terminal on mod+s.
:: XConfig lThe configuration, to retrieve the terminal
-> X ()
Action to pop up the terminal, for the user to bind to a custom key.
scratchpadManageHookDefault :: ManageHook
The ManageHook, with the default rectangle: Half the screen wide, a quarter of the screen tall, centered.
:: RationalRectUser-specified screen rectangle.
-> ManageHook
The ManageHook, with a user-specified StackSet.RationalRect.
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